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My passion is to work with busy, heart centred Men, Women and Couples who are open minded, curious, courageous and willing to learn how to bridge the gap between Success and Sexuality! If you are ready to learn more about your Sexual Power and are looking for the perfect guide to help you navigate your introduction into the world of Tantra, I invite you now… to come on the journey with me…


Your Sacred Sexuality (life force energy) is but an extension all you are. Learn to channel that energy in a positive and productive way and every area of your life will benefit! Unlock your multiorgasimic nature as a man as you IMPLODE with full body orgasm again and again. You will leave feeling aware, relaxed, nourished, energized, invigorated and new! RECEIVE a transmission of Tantra and what is possible as you melt into the loving arms of the Goddess…

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When a woman fills up her own love cup, filling up from the inside out with life force. When she can own her pleasure & desire, learns how to reclaim her voice and release trauma, when she holds a deeper appreciation for her beautiful body and can activate and channel her Goddess energy… EVERY facet of her life BENEFITS! She instantly becomes more radiant, magnetic, creative and juicy! Remember your Goddess… Say YES to yourself!

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Explore a new paradigm of what is truly possible as you invest in taking your understanding of yourselves and each other and the deep sacred union you can share and experience to the next level! Both as individuals AND as a conscious couple you will begin to see beyond the veil and look through fresh eyes. Kick start your passion, deepen the intimacy and refuel the fire as you begin on the journey of expansion together through Tantric practice

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Tantra is a unique artform and spiritual practice. Although there are many myths and legends about Tantric Sex Ella provides a learning and methodology of advancing your intimacy with yourself first, and your partner, through structured lessons and providing you the necessary learning materials to take your sex life and your spiritual path to a whole new level.