~ Testimonials from the Masculine ~

“Look no further, elegance and beauty personified! Ella has an uncanny intuitiveness to delve into the depths of your psyche – An experience like no other”



“Ella truly is a Goddess. She will guide you on a transformational journey through your internal landscapes to open up your mind and heart like never before. Her compassionate authenticity coupled with tender touch will leave you walking away from the experience with a divine spring in your step”


“I suffered long term abuse as a child which left me shut down, compliant and incapable of feeling. This patterning has been carried through into adulthood and has affected my day to day life as far as interactions with others and relationships go.

Incredibly my partner has a similar background. We were brought together to heal each other. Our relationship is particularly challenging to say the least.

Rather than more psychological therapy a more spiritual approach was chosen. Having been force fed religion by my abusers I am definitely not a religious person but I certainly have a spiritual awareness. For me the intention was to break free from the chains that have held me back for so long and live my life to the fullest.

Ella is a true goddess indeed, in every sense of the word. I am in awe of the love, warmth, light and power she commands and feel blessed indeed to have her as my guide. My sessions have been life changing. I have never had so many emotions brought out before or felt so loved.

Ella is giving me back the power I lost a long time ago. The power to live and love as a king and not as a dominated, compliant shell. I am being recharged and energised. I am integrating and being reborn.”



“Goddess Ella is not only beautiful on the outside but has an internal beauty that radiates outwardly and makes you feel instantly at ease. I was nervous as an older gent. Not sure what this whole Tantric thing was all about. But after speaking with Ella on the phone I felt calmer immediately as she walked me through the process and what to expect.

My wife died some years ago and I was feeling like the fire died with her. I had resigned to the fact it was all over. On top of that I have suffered from ED for some years now and was concerned about that. Again, Ella reassured me. I decided to give it a go.

Well… I can honestly say I have not had an experience like that since I was a young buck! I have signed up for the ride now and am excited for where the journey may take me. Ella has awoken something in me, my passion for life. Everything feels and looks different. More vibrant. I am inspired and very grateful.”



“A true Tantric Goddess… Where Ella took me was cosmic. Now walking through Treasury Gardens… So alive! Blessings.”



“Educational, empowering, life changing. Had you told me feeling like this was possible I would have scoffed in your face. I am a smart man. I own multiple businesses and work 80 hours plus a week. I travel a lot and never switch off. I came in for what I thought would be a relaxing massage… I had no idea one could ever feel this way, still the mind chatter and feel so completely relaxed without the use of chemicals or sex. As Ella said “Who needs the drugs when we are the drugs”. Impressed and will return.”