Ella Hall

Certified_Logo-01Ella supports busy, heart centred professionals who are ready to up-level into greater spheres of personal and professional mastery in life, love and business.

She is a leading Breakthrough Success Coach and Pleasure Power Expert.
Director and Head Facilitator @ Breakthrough Retreats
Director @ STM (Sacred Touch Melbourne) Health & Wellness –’the home of Sacred Touch’.
Creator of The Platinum Woman.
Creator of the Flower of Life™ (A Revolutionary Roadmap for Success).

Ella works with those who are ready to bridge the gap between head and heart and claim the power of pleasure – to achieve maximum results and ultimate peak performance in present time to optimise their own human potential.

A gifted intuitive, entrepreneur, author, speaker, facilitator and guide her philosophy and offering is holistic working with what she describes as ‘all 4 bodies’ simultaneously. These bodies are: Physical. Mental. Emotional & Energetic.

You take you into every area of your life: from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.
When one area of life is suffering, the whole will suffer. Therefore we must approach the whole to facilitate fast and lasting change


After years spent mastering coaching, business strategy, sales and management in the health and wellness arena – then getting head hunted to consult to other organisations and start-ups in the health and wellness industry, Ella got brave and radically embraced a new career – embodying a passion of all things energy and evolution!

She deep dove into the world of Sacred Sexuality as a way to embrace full body presence and pleasure – learning to ‘channel’ life force energy into every area of life for positive and productive transformation.
What she unexpectedly discovered was, through the doorway of awakening her own sexuality and sensual power – she UNLOCKED A ROADMAP FOR SUCCESS!

This was the by far the most integrated and pleasurable way to fast track: deep healing, release past trauma and remove the obstacles and resistance (conscious and unconscious) that had previously been holding her back
(despite years and thousands upon thousands of hours and dollars spent going down the ‘clinical-road’ and ‘mental’ channels of psychology, psychotherapy and personal development study).

A Pleasure Expert she now teaches the core foundations of Contemporary Tantra as a tool: ‘bio-hack technology’, to bring all 4 bodies into alignment fast, safely, healthfully and ecologically.

As someone who lives, breathes and embodies everything she teaches Ella has been immersed in the world of transformation, business creation and success mindset mastery, personal development, sacred sexuality and healing for over 20 years.

Growing up Ella was surrounded by psychology books and resources and relished learning about all things communication, connection and human dynamics. She attended her first self development workshop at the age of 4yrs old and was already learning about the power of NLP, mindset, meditation and energy.

As she grew and became hungry to heal herself, travelling her personal ‘hero’s quest’ to overcome adversity, she made it her life’s mission to learn as much about the healing arts and personal development as she could.
She threw herself into the teachings and wisdoms of Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, understanding EFT, the Work of Byron Katie, Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay to name a few, and then went on to study advanced Ho’Oponopono, extended D.I.S.C behavioural profiling and Quantum Healing Techniques.

Addicted to her passion and developing her craft over the years she has been a ‘workshop junkie’ and attended hundreds of business development, coaching, personal development, spiritual and sacred sexuality events and workshops.
She has studied Money & You with Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Business Breakthrough with Gary Schuller, Authentic Education with Ben J Harvey.
She is a Quantum Healing Practitioner and has qualified in S.V.H. (Serenity Vibration Healing Technique) level 1 and level 1 Mastery – and has gleaned and learned from a wealth of other modalities such as Hypnosis, Transcendental Meditation (T.M) and filled her toolkit to the brim with these resources.
Resources she can guarantee help other people to change their lives, because she radically transformed her own!

Ella is a qualified Master Life Coach with the Accelerated Success Centre 2015.

She has learned from and worked with some of our modern day best in the business!
She trained under and worked with Dane Tomas, creator at The Spiral – author of books: Clear Your Shit, The Conscious Hustle and Secrets of a Sex Wizard.
She is an experienced Compass Navigator (kinesiology based energetic alignment) – trained under Susan Wyatt and using Susan’s model Ella went on to create her own accelerated program: Compass Momentum.

When Ella deep dove into the world of sacred sex she learned from the best again and became a practitioner and facilitator of Orgasmic Hearts – A workshop and journey for women to explore the sacredness of our erotic and intimate nature’s through modern Tantric practice and ritual – trained by the incredible Creatrix Shanie Marie.
She has worked and trained with the likes of Eyal Matsliah, Emma Power – Tantra is Love, Charmaine Adam, Jaida Love, Bud Barber and has attended and priestess’ed at many, many Dancing Eros events and courses throughout Melbourne with Vanessa Florence.

She takes this plethora of skills and knowledge and relishes assisting others in a practical way that get’s RESULTS FAST! Whilst, she weaves and teaches her own brand of magic throughout all her unique offerings.

A catalyst for many over the years she has facilitated and inspired thousands of women, men and couples on their own journey of education, transformation, self-mastery and deep healing so they too can discover the clarity and freedom they need to claim their inner ability to unlock:

HEALTH. FREEDOM. PLEASURE. POWER. ABUNDANCE – on high – at every level – in every way!


“Working with Ella has been an eye and heart opener for me. She helped me to get out of my head/thoughts and start to make connection with heart values and energy. This has kick started for me a refreshed relationship with my masculine and feminine energies and connection to the power and potential this reveals. Ella’s facilitation, insight and belief has helped me to recognise road blocks, and embrace a fresh and fundamental understanding of who I am and where I fit. Working with Ella is safe, powerful and transformational”.

Rob – Teacher

Ella’s genius zone is to create and facilitate safe, sacred spaces for others to journey deep into both the conscious and subconscious to remove the blocks, patterns, and limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold them back. Those who choose to step up to work with her, and put the work in, are guaranteed to take home fast and lasting change while being able to access ever greater levels of self mastery and self love in every area of life.

Daughter of renowned Psychologist and Sex Therapist Dr Janet Hall both mother and daughter have come together to marry their different yet complementary approaches.

Dr Jan, P.H.D, & Ella Hall, Pleasure Power Expert, are proud to be known as Australia’s first Mother Daughter ‘Sexperts’ and have created and produced a platform for women to claim their ‘inner sex-goddess’ at: pleasurepowerexperts.com where they discuss women’s sexuality in this informative, raw and fun online course Women’s Pleasure Power packed full of studio mastered videos and offerings.

Ella is the proud Creator of The Platinum Woman.
JOIN The Private Collective on FB FREE here: THE PLATINUM WOMAN – Know Your Value – Live Your Worth
This is a private space for busy, heart centred women to network, share their offerings and keep up to date on all upcoming live events like: The Platinum Woman – PLEASURE SESSIONS held on the 3rd Thursday of every month (South Yarra).
Ladies you are invited to come on the journey with us to REMEMBER who you are!
ALIGN with your greatest mission, vision, passion and purpose in your Pleasure and
EMPOWER yourself with your unique gifts, magic and mastery.
So you too can live an extraordinary life of exceptional value, meaning and abundance:
From the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond!

Whether Ella is delivering her work in a one on one session online, running small groups, public speaking, presenting to the media or facilitating workshops to the masses; her work and message offers a perfect combination of yin meets yang, head meets heart, concept meets reality and raw passion meets wisdom.

She has appeared on The Morning Show, Ticker TV, Triple J Radio, KISS FM, is a resident expert for Clarity dating App and is a frequent Speaker at Sexpo Melbourne. A contributing author to Your Well-Being: Sunrise Edition and also is a regular guest contributor for magazines, top blogs and podcasts in Australia and the U.S.

Ella is based in Melbourne, VIC Australia. She serves clients all over the world via zoom online every day.

If you would like her to contribute to an article or magazine, present at an upcoming function or simply facilitate an individual coaching session please click here