Here is the BIGGEST LIE and 4 of the most common misconceptions about Tantra

Are one of these holding you back…?

Tantra as a practise is something that many of us in the Western world are only just really beginning to wake up to…

There are still so many misconceptions and mysteries that surround the subject.
I know this because one of my mission’s this lifetime is to take Tantra to the Mainstream so as to wake more and more beautiful Humans up to their own POWER, PLEASURE and PURPOSE through the medicine of this work.

Back in November 2016 I was interviewed and aired LIVE on Triple J’s ‘The Hook Up’ Program taking the concept of TANTRA to the masses.

As I share on radio…

The biggest LIE that we have ever believed is

that Tantra is all about SEX! 

It’s just not true!!!

Tantra goes so far beyond the physical it’s ridiculous!

Yes, when we practise Tantra we are dealing with sexual energy, and that is pure LIFE-FORCE energy…

The greatest Power we have comes when we as individuals learn how to weave and channel this energy, our life-force, into every area of our lives…
EVERYTHING in turn gets effected in a profound, positive and productive way!

The plethora of sexual and physical benefits, and there are so so many… are only just the tip of the iceberg!

I explain and go into more detail and depth in the radio interview.

If you missed it you can find a link to the entire Radio Interview


And I find I am hearing the same thing and being asked the same questions over and over again, so I thought it best to debunk them here.

Some of the most common beliefs and misconceptions I hear on a daily basis are…

 1 – I can’t learn Tantra because I don’t have a partner!

Wrong! Exactly the opposite is true! What an IDEAL and fantastic time to open up that channel of energy and begin to play and practice with your new found skills and tools. You will not only become a better lover, last longer, be more orgasmic, be able to harness and access MORE pleasure and be more magnetic to a potential partner. You will ultimately be a better version of yourself thus allowing you to attract the ideal mate at the ideal time and also have the potential of initiating them!

2 – Tantra is sex, I would be cheating on my partner to see a Tantrica.

Wrong again. If you went to a Dr for a prostate exam… Is that cheating?When a man or woman decides to INVEST in their own sexual growth, education and self mastery and chooses to see a Coach, it is exactly that… an investment in education and learning! In no way shape or form am I a sex worker. I am a sacred sexuality Coach and Guide. This is where I relish in being able to BLOW PEOPLES MINDS as to what can be achieved through weaving energy alone!
Many a man especially who comes to see me 1:1 will tell me how I have Saved his relationship! Before seeing me he might have been suffering Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, performance anxiety, been addicted to porn, not able to pleasure his partner etc… Whereas he now has accessed a body, mind and spiritual connection, has been educated, has a better understanding of how to both give and receive pleasure and has a healthy and productive channel for his sexual energy. He is happier in himself, feeling more power, pleasure, purpose, he is more relaxed at home his partner is happier and his life is generally better all round! Everyone benefits!!!
Women too learn to claim their right to pleasure. Can de-armour. Step into their full power, pleasure and awaken their full sexual desire. Heal from trauma and become Multi-Orgasmic. Reconnect to their beautiful bodies as their Temples and remember their innate Goddess!
YES to that!!!

3 – Tantra is a bunch of weird sexual positions from the Karmasutra  

Wrong once more… Not every person understands the genuine meaning this book has as the majority associate it only with sexual positions. In fact only 20% of the Kamasutra is actually dedicated to sexual positions. The rest refers to the “The Arts” and both narrates and relates to the various ideas and aspects related to living a virtuous and gracious life and the connection and relationship between a man and a woman, family life, love and other elements and aspects pertaining to pleasure in all facets of human life! Therefore Tantra can and does focus on each and every area of life also.

4 – I’m too… fat, too old, too tired, too sick, too… (fill in the BLANK)
Again… None of this is true!!!

The truth is…


Whether you are…

  • Single
  • Coupled
  • Any size
  • Any age
  • Any ailment
  • Any sexual persuasion…

If you can hold a clear intention, breathe, sound and move in the energy (even if that is only guiding energy throughout your body using intention, breath and sound)… then you can do Tantra!

Since that interview went live to air, I have been overwhelmed with such beautiful responses from both men and women alike as to how what I shared touched them and that they wanted to learn more!

Tantra is a Practise!

It Heals. Educates. Empowers. Enlightens. And Expands us!

If you are curious to learn more or feeling that working with Ella may benefit you, your personal journey, your relationship or you would like to find out more about her and what she offers please visit the Tantra Ella website here there you will find all offerings for HIM, for HER & for THEM.
We live once… NOW is the time to take action!

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