Watch now for the very cheeky and fun video of KISS FM’s ‘Will & Woody see a Sex Therapist’.

It was so much fun to take the boys through a Tantric experience with each other.
Everything I stand for and teach is all about permission, pleasure, self mastery and ultimately joyful empowerment! Sex is a great adventure and we are allowed to have FUN!
The boys did great – minds were blown (watch Will’s face!), energy moved (at times so much Will had to call time-out) and at the same time both were super respectful.
I was honoured to play with the two lads and so happy to impart knowledge and arm them with skills and tools they can actively take away to use now.
Both of them talk about their “bloody awesome” (that’s their quote!) experience with me. You can listen to the full radio segment now by clicking the button below: