Feeling RESONANCE to what scares you most can be a TURN ON…


For any HUMAN who has been feeling a ‘pull’ or is being ‘called’ or ‘drawn’ to explore more about their own Sacred Sexuality.
I humbly invite you now, to come on the journey with me.

This is a taste of my own journey into the world of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality…

Sometimes in life we feel this inexplicable ‘pull’ as we RESONATE with a frequency. This ‘frequency’ can be of a person, a place or a thing.
This Resonance can be of the physical kind (we feel it in the body), the mental (mind) or pure energy (the spirit)…
If we are not fully awake and online with all these parts of us sometimes this resonance can feel like it hits us totally out of left field.

So even giving ourselves the PERMISSION necessary to EXPLORE this new element, adventure, person, place or thing: Can be a terrifying concept. Totally out of our comfort zone. We feel contraction. We are worried about what this might mean???… Does it mean that the way things are isn’t good enough? That we are somehow perverted? What will others think of us? All these STORIES can come up. And yet… as much as we might try… We can’t help it… It’s still there… Niggling away in the background. Playing on our mind. We see reminders of it everywhere?! We can’t ignore it… We feel drawn to it. Part of us is captivated?! We want to know more… To explore what lies beneath… To pry inside and unfold the layers to uncover the gifts it may contain for us…

It goes far beyond our rational minds comprehension. Where Body, Mind and Spirit take over and drive our vessel (US, our human selves) into the path of alignment with that frequency! These frequencies are like magnets… The poles of positive and negative attracting each other… AND The more we resist. The more it persists. IT IS MY STORY… I resisted my own SACRED SEXUALITY for years. (I didn’t consciously KNOW this was what I was doing mind you. I ‘thought’ I was very liberated!) Mums a renowned Sex therapist, hypnotherapist EVERYTHING-A-THERAPIST in Melbourne!

I have grown up in a family that has always been quite ‘open’ with this stuff. I was defiantly no prude! BUT… I was so detached from my body. I hated my own human skin. I was Unconscious to what true CONNECTION felt like. I was not connected to self therefore could not truly share connection with another. I carried so much Shame. So much grief. So much Guilt. So much Dogma – ‘STORY STORY STORY’ that I had identified with…

Sexualized from a very early age as I developed super quickly (had MASSIVE BREASTS) I learned then that being EMBODIED, being ‘IN my BODY’ on this planet… was not a safe place to be! From that frequency and that place of hurt, numbness and trauma I searched to ESCAPE… And that I did… Escape in whatever way I could. Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, TV, FOOD… ANYTHING! From that frequency and that place of resonance I also called in and ATTRACTED MORE of what it was I didn’t want! More hurt, more toxic relationships, more drama, confusion, angst, shame, dogma, guilt, disconnection… etc etc etc… The list goes on…

And then it happened. I met someone… AND… She made my skin crawl! She made me hiss like ‘Golum’ as I shrank back internally recoiling violently as she met me with such the polar opposite of where I was presently at! SHE was the reflection to and for me of everything I so deeply wanted for myself, but was always too scared to admit. The transmission I received from this woman was one of SACRED SEXUALITY personified: She OWNED her FEMININE… Her juice. She EMBODIED HER SEXUALITY in a positive and productive way. She carried herself Openly and expressed herself in a genuine manor using words that oozed her ‘Goddess’ energy. She was actually CONNECTING with others. She was CREATING and LEADING from that place of loving connection! She smiled a genuine Smile of lightness and laughter, and she LAUGHED LOTS! She was body confident. She was so fucking beautiful to me. She was all I wanted to be…

So I did what anyone does when confronted with something they deeply want but don’t believe they deserve or are worthy of having… I MADE HER WRONG!!! I spent the next 48 hours in this woman’s presence ‘picking her apart’. Trying to convince myself… Telling myself over and over again that she was – SO Fake! She was putting it all ON! Too loud! Her laughter was annoying!!! She was all Ego! BLAH BLAH BLAH…. I tried my very hardest to make her ‘UGLY’ to me. To transform that which I deeply desired. That DEEP KNOWING & RESONANCE. That utter truth that was… she held the KEY, the gifts for me in that moment… I tried to turn all that into something that I would despise! In this way I would ALLOW myself to stay small. To stay righteous. To stay stuck and safe and trapped in my disembodied shell. To deny the one thing I knew I NEEDED most.


Fight the resonance and the Universe will kick your ass! 

So, as we all know, the Universe works in mysterious ways… Things started to unfold over the next few weeks that kept SMACKING me in the FACE! I kept being presented with this woman (on FB, people talking about her), her message, her work. Reminders of her and what she REPRESENTED to and for me were EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t escape…


Energy-in-motion = EMOTION… Building and building… Until finally I hit the WALL. I broke, I couldn’t fight anymore. I felt the FEAR and DID IT ANYWAY!!! I did the one thing that confronted me THE MOST!!! I paid heed to the niggling voice. I put my hands in the air and …


I called Vanessa Florence, Creatress of Dancing Eros, and I spoke to her. I spoke to her about all my SHIT. My issues with my body. My sexual shame. Why I couldn’t do this…Why I absolutely NEEDED to do it! How unsafe I felt about WOMEN in general. How out of touch I was with my own body. My abuse. How scared this concept of SACRED SEXUALITY made me. Just how uncomfortable!!! How MEAN and ABUSIVE I was to myself and my inner Feminine on a daily basis. How I couldn’t keep going the way I was going or (not to sound overly dramatic but it was my truth at the time) “Something BAD was going to happen?!”… She offered me in that moment to do the next Dancing Eros course. I gave her ALL the REASONS why I COULDN’T! … AND…

She called me on my SHIT!

She loved me enough to be BRUTALLY HONEST and REFLECT that which I had just shared straight back at me! A MIRROR. A beautiful reflection. And she came from a space of love and compassion and NO BULLSHIT! “REASONS… OR… RESULTS!?” The choice was mine… It always is!

So… I chose to throw myself in. I chose to LET GO. GO DEEP! SURRENDER. REMEMBER!!!

Gifts came online! And OH SO QUICKLY!!! My Sacred Feminine was reintroduced to me! I WOKE UP! I was welcomed HOME to my body as a Temple!!! As time progressed and I started to build strength, confidence… and receive the gifts readily with open arms… I wanted more! I began to EXPLORE further, deeper… More EDGES… Bring it on!


My Kundalini AWAKENING! <3 <3 <3

The work became MORE embodied and took on a life of its own!!! Breathing THROUGH ME now! Thick and fast the workshops came and went and with each one I went deeper and deeper… Assisting now. Building momentum. Always working on my own personal growth and practice in the meantime.

MORE GIFTS. More Power. More Confidence. More Alignment. More clearing. More TRUST More RESONANCE!!! In FLOW and out of my own way. My divine Feminine, my Sacred SEX… My Goddess… began to take the lead! I followed willingly. I listened to my innate wisdom! My Radiant Breasts. My Manifesting Womb. My GOLDEN PUSSY!!!

Cut to now… PRESENT TIME – EMBODIED! I am a fully-fledged Tantrica, Sacred Sexuality Coach and Goddess!. I am a Facilitator of the work of Orgasmic Hearts, Sacred Sexuality Journeys for Women: www.orgasmichearts.net (my next series is in April!) I am a qualified Life Coach and energetic healer.

I specialize and LOVE to work with both Men, Women and Couples whom are Open minded, Curious, Courageous and Willing to learn more about their Sexual Power! 3 Years ago I couldn’t BREATH… let alone Make SOUND?!!! 3 Years ago I couldn’t TOUCH MYSELF FOR MY PLEASURE… let alone in front of another human being?!!! 3 Years ago I couldn’t MOVE or CONNECT to my beautiful body… let alone EMBRACE it as that or truly acknowledge and live in line with that each and every day?!!!

And NOW… I LIVE FROM THIS EMBODIED PLACE. My SACRED SEX! Utilizing the corner stones of Breath, Sound and Movement in ALL that I do!!! With my Soul’s purpose on this planet guiding me. Of teaching what I MOST needed to learn! Of leading by example and from this place GIVING OTHERS PERMISSION to WAKE UP to their OWN INNATE POWER through this work! To their OWN… Sacred SEX Feminine AND Masculine POWER, HARMONY, UNITY, DIVINITY, AUTHENTICITY, TRUTH & PURPOSE

So… Beautiful MEN. WOMEN. COUPLES…
If you are feeling RESONANCE… OR If you are feeling CONTRACTION… I encourage you to get in touch and connect.

PM me now for a FREE 20 minute Breakthrough Session. Here’s to your journey x

Pam Ella Hall
Lifestyle, Business & Sacred Sexuality Coach
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