If you want to achieve greatness, STOP waiting for others to give you permission!


We wait to be given or granted permission, to be told we are ALLOWED to do something… We wait for others to say its ok… We wait before we leave the job the things that we deeply know NO LONGER SERVE us!

We wait before we go after what it is we do TRULY want or DESIRE… Waiting for someone else to say ‘it’s ok’… Waiting for the right time… To speak up To say “HELL’S YES”! To say “HELL’S NO” To say “F%$k you with love” to all those STORIES, opinions and dogma (both our own and from others)!

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

— Rabindranath Tagore

One of the best things I ever learned was the expression

I have this on my mirror at home and repeat it each and everyday! It is a constant reminder that I am ALWAYS allowed! I am allowed and the only one who can give myself full permission… To CHOSE, To DECIDE, To get it wrong and Chose to CHOSE AGAIN!!! I AM A POWERFUL CREATOR and what I give myself permission to BE, DO and HAVE (or not) is what creates my reality each and every moment of each and every day! Too long I listened to others Fear and let it hold me back. Too long I listened to my own “Shit” and Inner Critic…

Too long I bought the lie I was my past. I was my “Story”… that it defined me… Too long I bought into the status quo, tall poppy syndrome and the lies, the general populous dogmatic conditioning, belief systems & bull shit of small, “less than” thinking. No “permission” to shine. When I waited for permission, or asked too many others (I was a master of asking and asking and asking… ) and I was told constantly “NO”!!!

That I wasn’t allowed… I wasn’t allowed to shine too bright! Be too loud! Take up too much space! That I was already TOO MUCH! When I changed that one thing… And “got it” that no one else can truly ever GIVE me permission BUT ME!!! My world both internally and externally began to change fast and dramatically…

Now… I am ALLOWED! I am the only one who gives myself PERMISSION and constantly! I am the MASTER of my reality. I am the CREATOR! I am the PERMISSION GRANTER! I live from a place of INTEGRITY, holding myself as a witness, in composure and with gratitude, faith and love in all I do.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water.

— Christopher Morley

And from that place I give myself FULL PERMISSION to Shine!!!

To BE, DO and HAVE everything it is that my heart truly desires! I am reminding you now with love – YOU TOO HAVE FULL PERMISSION!!!! You always have! YOU are ALLOWED!!! So go and shine so bright you take up ALL the space and radiate, illuminate and vibrate until it wakes up the world to all the brightness we ALL are!

If you have been waiting for someone else to tell you that you have the permission to stop being mediocre… and start being GREAT! Guess what…
Claim that for yourself and do it NOW! Tantra gave me the skills and tools to come out of my head and into my body. To EMBODY and FEEL that innate power and know it as my own… FULL PERMISSION as I remembered my inner God self. As I practiced and learned to weave and channel this energy it amplified and gave me all the confidence I needed to take my life and reality back into my own hands and propel myself to the next level in my evolution.

The journey just gets deeper and more expansive each and every day!

Here’s to your journey…

Tantra Ella xxx