Claim Your Pleasure Power with Tantra – Audio Mini-series.

Includes Bonus: The 7 Golden Keys of Tantra Full Manual PDF  Includes all the info PLUS amazing pictures to illustrate the information and help you to process it, personalise it and remember it!

Are you curious?

Want to get better educated – feel empowered – and dip your toe in the waters to have your own personal experience of orgasmic awakening?

Let Ella be your guide as she takes you by the hand and lovingly walks you through her introductory and super powerful Claim Your Pleasure Power with Tantra Audio Mini-series.

A must have for beginners and a perfect partner to the Women’s Pleasure Power GOLD Course! 

Perfect for the busy people of the world. Listen in bed, in the shower, driving the car!

Each audio is short, sharp and jam packed with incredible insights, inspiration, information and some juicy embodiment practices that are guaranteed to peak your curiosity and allow for you to have a delicious taste of exactly what this buzz word ‘Tantra’ is all about.

“Did you know that you can have a ‘throat-gasm’, ‘heart-gasm’, ‘anal-gasm’, ‘nipple-gasm’, and ‘toe-gasm’? The list goes on!”

Here is what another beautiful client shared after listening to only the first 4 audios:

“I sat down this morning ready to hear this mini-series (which should be renamed MAXI-INFO series) with the thought of listening and getting back to you post haste.
No can do! The construction is so succinct and the info, so deep and powerful that I need to take in only a few sessions at a time in order to give each my undivided attention and inwardly digest. I hereby return my already 10 star review and testimonial after only hearing to #4. This is so important for so many and a huge congratulations for creating something VERY BIG.”
K – Melbourne, Aust

See you there x


Did you know that you can have a ‘throat-gasm’, ‘heart-gasm’, ‘anal-gasm’, ‘nipple-gasm’, and ‘toe-gasm’? The list goes on!
Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’ —it is a form of sex that requires a mind-body connection to increase intimacy and lead to powerful implosive orgasms.
Leading Transformation Success Coach and Pleasure Power Expert Ella Hall brings you into a realm of eye-opening practices to access a Tantric experience and deepen connection with both yourself and your partner. Learn how to master pleasure through mindset and metaphysics; enter a multi-orgasmic state of bliss using the sacred power of The 7 Golden Keys. Ella uses the foundations of Neo-Tantra as a ‘bio-hack’ to help you achieve physical, mental, emotional, and energetic alignment.
Brace yourself as you embark upon a journey of self-discovery and help you breakthrough to live your birthright: as a wondrous, multi-orgasmic being. 

1. Introduction: Your Guide to Tantra
Allow us to introduce your guide to Tantra: Ella Hall, Australia’s leading Transformational Life Coach and Pleasure Power Expert. Ella’s genius zone is to create and facilitate safe, sacred spaces for others to journey deep into both the conscious and subconscious and enjoy lasting change while being able to access ever greater levels of self-mastery and self-love in every area of life; from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond!
If you’re a complete novice to Tantra and wondering what it’s all about and whether it’s for you, or if you’ve sampled even just a taste of the deliciousness that comes from accessing deep states of orgasmic bliss, or if you’re someone who’s already practicing this sacred art—this is the series for you!

2. What is Tantra?
What is the buzz word ‘Tantra’ all about? What does it mean? Where does it come from? What can it give us? What makes tantric sexuality different? What is pleasure power? In this episode, Ella will answer all those questions and bust the one most famous tantric myth to lead you on the journey of entering a multi-orgasmic state of bliss.

3. For Men
Do I need a partner to practice Tantra? The answer is no! In order to be a better lover, you must first master the art of self-pleasure. In this episode, Ella looks at the different categories men relate to most when beginning a Tantric journey and discusses the issues they face.
Discover the seven key benefits for men and how they can supercharge your own pleasure and personal power!

4. For Women
What does it mean to be orgasmic? Ella is here to reassure you that ALL women can be multi-orgasmic! Discover the seven key benefits Tantra can bring to women. Learn to let go of blocks or armour that may be holding you back to come out of your head and achieve the highest level of pleasure, reduce stress, and reverse the clock — the best anti-aging secret that’s completely free! Through exploring Tantra, you will transform your own life with pleasure power — a gift that keeps on giving.

5. For Couples
In this episode, Ella will explore the differences between men and women and why sovereignty is of the utmost importance, meaning that every person must take full responsibility for their own energy and pleasure. By tackling the five most common couple conflicts, this segment will help you in and out of the bedroom.

6. Golden Key #1 – Intention and Presence
In this episode, Ella begins to introduce The 7 Golden Keys Of Tantra. The first key, Intention and Presence, is one of the core principals and foundations of this sacred practise and is something you build over time and with repetition. Holding the intention to have an open heart and open mind will assist you to enter orgasmic states that get deeper and more expansive each and every time.

7. Golden Key #2 – Breath Work
Did you know men and women can enter energetic orgasmic states from using breathing techniques alone? In this episode, Ella will explore the magic of breath work and its power to amplify, heal and change states in the body.

8. Golden Key #3 – Sound
Do you hold back when noise-making during sex due to fear of being heard? Does this fear distract you and make it harder to reach pleasure states? In this episode, Ella explores the power of Sound and how it is a game changer when unlocking unparalleled orgasmic pleasure and potential.

9. Golden Key #4 – Movement
In this episode, Ella teaches the last of the four core principles of Tantra: Movement. We are always moving—every cell in our body is in constant movement, creating vibrations of energy within us to allow for us to enter full-body ecstatic states. Ella shares her secrets on the power of movement and how to tune into the subtle feels in your body.

10. Golden Key #5 – Setting the Scene and Context
This is the first of the three more practical elements to transcend from ordinary to extraordinary. In this segment, Ella helps you create the perfect scene for maximum pleasure.

11. Golden Key #6 – Let Go of the Goal
Does focusing too hard on finishing delay the orgasm? Has the illusion of porn taught you unrealistic expectations of what sex should be? Ella Hall is here to teach you an important shift in mindset that will allow you to let go of the goal and enter an utterly orgasmic state of bliss.

12. Golden Key #7 – Giving and Receiving
Does the vulnerability of receiving ever make you feel insecure? Do you find it hard to ask for what you really want in bed? Humans are conditioned to be good givers, yet we’re not too good at asking for what we truly want or desire. In this episode, Ella will explore how to give and receive consciously by being open, vulnerable, and seen.

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