Tantra Meaning: To Weave & to Expand


Do you want to allow space for MORE…

MORE Peace?

MORE Deepening?

MORE Expansion?

MORE Pleasure?

Are you ready now to let go of any blocks or armour that has or have been holding you back?

Do you want to explore your sacred sexuality more deeply one on one in an intimate setting?

Are you ready to release past trauma safety and healthfully without the need to go into any story?

About your Guide:

Ella is a deeply intuitive Qualified Master Life Coach, practising Tantrica & Sacred Sexuality Guide.

She is passionate about helping busy, heart centred women bridge the gap between success and sexuality! To claim and step into their divine feminine power and teaches her own greatest ‘healing medicine’ through her work!

She offers both somatic body work (physical) and coaching/ energetic healing (mental/ emotional/ spiritual) that is safe, powerful, deeply transformational and totally in alignment with the Feminine.

The work she offers can help you remember, realign and re-empower you with integrating all the changes that are taking place in and all around you on a daily basis, to bring you into a state and place of balance, sensuality and alignment more quickly, thus allowing for more peace, calm, clarity, compassion and centeredness as you travel this road of life and self mastery.

Her sessions are nurturing, deeply healing and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energised and clear, ready to take your next steps on this path empowered and ready to step into your true Goddess potential.

This is truly the GIFT that keeps on giving!

When a woman invests in herself first and fills up from the inside out with life force, love, learns how to release trauma, holds a deeper appreciation for her beautiful body and can activate and channel her Goddess energy… EVERY facet of her life BENEFITS!

Your Sacred Sexuality is but an extension of all you are and is just as important to invest in as your physical & mental health or your business. You are a whole complete being. If one area of your life is suffering or ‘out of balance’, the whole will suffer.

Before we begin Bodywork… Start here: Foundations

~ Sovereignty Alignment Session ~

Coaching session via Zoom online or in person – 90 mins 

When it comes to working with me I highly recommend all clients begin the journey with a ‘Sovereignty Alignment’ Session:

This is a coaching session and lays the foundations of trust and evidence (essential to any major transformation or healing breakthrough) that truly the starts the journey as together, we liberate you from the ties that bind and bring all of you back into alignment through the 4 bodies: mind, body, emotions and energy.

We get clear on: where you are now, where you want to go and what’s stopping or blocking you.

We light up your inner fire and lay foundations of wisdom, empowering you with take away skills and tools you can implement NOW as we begin to intentionally let go any resistance and begin to call and create what it is we deeply desire from a place of truth, authenticity, pleasure-power and liberation.

In this session, we begin the ‘heavy lifting’ letting go of any chords of connection to other people, places and things: giving you back your sovereign self: ‘yourself, yourself and no one but yourself!’ 

Often the response I get is people find this is the most clear, peaceful and liberated they have ever felt. Almost like they take a deep breath… for the first time.

From there we can look at developing a road map together moving forwards: A road map that will give you clarity to begin to gain momentum, trusting yourself and align to all your heart truly desires from a place of wisdom, empowerment and using core principals of Health, Freedom, Pleasure, Power & Abundance!

~ Remember & Awaken the Goddess 2x part Series ~

Session 1: Heart Opening & Orgasmic Manifesting
‘Remember the Goddess’ Session

2.25 hours (futon)

The heart is the positive pole of the Feminine.

This is a beautiful starting point to warm ‘DOWN’ and Remember your inner sex Goddess

Educate your mind and body that it’s safe to soften and allow your heart to begin to unfold like a flower. Petal by petal… no force or rush.
De-armour your heart and sex centre to awaken and initiate your birthright as the divine feminine you are.
Invite the space for energy to flow to allow for: more opening, greater deepening and expansive pleasure.
Let go of the old stories, conditioning and hang ups and believe that hold you back and no longer serve you as you learn a new way of embracing your beautiful body, your authentic self and all your sensuality and pleasure, empowered!

Come out of your head and reconnect back into the intrinsic wisdom of your heart, womb and pussy. Connect to these 3 feminine portals of Pleasure-Power.

This session incorporates an education coaching component, energetic realignment and somatic bodywork release to lay a foundation that will allow your mind, body and energy to surrender into a full bodied “YES”.

This session is hugely healing & very gentle yet powerful in delivery and transmission!

This session is all about liberation. Embodying the practice of Tantra and remembering your permission and birthright to feel orgasmic pleasure move throughout your whole body. Learn to open to a full body energetic orgasmic experience!
I will guide you every step of the way as I teach you the wisdom that has liberated not only myself, but hundreds of beautiful women I have had the honour to work with!

You will learn to be your own healer as I teach you to let go of the blocks and the armour that is preventing you from deepening into your own pleasure and practise as you begin to intentionally channel your magic into every area of your life in a positive, productive, radiant and magnetic way – on the path to manifesting your wildest desires and the life of your dreams.

Session 1 Includes:
Tantric practices ~ Somatic release (clothes are always optional)
Learn core Tantric Principles, breath work and practices.

Session 1. Remember the Goddess 2.25 hour VIP session $2250
Now only $1500 INC GST (total saving $750)

  • All sessions include a coaching component of education and embodied experience to ensure practical tools and new understandings can be easily recalled for life as they are seeded deeply into mind, body and energy.


“Today I gave myself a gift… Never have I experienced a practitioner that connects into your entire being and psyche in this way.
I felt completely held and safe to trust surrender and melt into her pristine presence and spiritual connection.
My heart was blown open and I felt the surge of love wash over my entire body.
And now, I feel aligned with my true calling for the first time in my life.
Before the session I wanted to run away from everything I hold dear and sabotage everything that I love. After the session I felt like I was standing taller, clearer more empowered and more in love with my self as a beautiful sensual divine woman who is connected to the richness of my life.
Ella gives from a place deep honour and reverence. Not once did I feel her presence veer away – she was there guiding me with her voice, energy and beautiful body making me feel safe and held beginning to end.
This woman is a healer beyond words. These sessions are precious and I recommend them to every human being that feels called to do so.”


Session 2: Feminine De-Armouring & Activation
‘Awaken the Goddess’ Session

2.25 hours (futon)

This is the deepening.

Connecting your Heart to your Sex centre as we activate the body to allow the feminine to soften, unfold, surrender and release accumulated armours, traumas, stories and conditionings stored on a cellular level held in the womb and Yoni (vagina), the sacred temple of the divine. Energetic realignment and bodywork including ‘Yoni de-armouring’ to let go of what no longer serves you to allow for more space to ‘call in’ your desires and rediscover and awaken the depths of your true knowing, true self and true Goddess.

The Yoni or Vagina (also known as the Golden Pussy) is the ‘Portal to the Divine’… the Golden Gates of the Feminine.  She is the doorway to unlock all creativity and inspiration. The Yoni is the Initiator. She is the Permission Granter. She is an immediate ‘State’ changer.

Through energetic release, loving touch, guided meditation, breath work and Tantric practise I will navigate your journey to allow your body to gently release any trauma or armour she might hold. Conscious or unconscious. Together we lovingly shine a light on and allow to feel and let go all that which is ready to be healed and no longer serves you that is stored in your cellular body.

The feminine stores so much hurt, grief, trauma and suppressed emotion in our genital area. Old wounding and memories are trapped and suppressed in our tissue and past lovers energies, not to mention those that they have been with, can also be harboured therein. We can actively and consciously free ourselves as we choose intentionally to lovingly release and heal past hurts, let go of regret and make space for the new, exciting, joyful, pleasure filled and liberating NOW!

We take our time… We are very gentle… The feminine doesn’t want to be rushed!

Once you have let go of the heavy stuff that binds you, begin focusing on your intention on what it is you wish to heal, manifest or bring into your reality and realign and re empower your divine feminine to ‘call in’ that which she wants to manifest and create. What do you wish to ‘birth’?!

A great love? More pleasure? A successful business? Abundance?… Anything is possible when you say “YES” to you!

You will both embody and integrate sacred practices mind body and spirit that will provide a map for you to readily access MORE bliss, ecstasy, orgasmic pleasure in every aspect of your life and be more readily able to listen to your body’s innate wisdom thus awakening all your desire and pleasure as you learn to channel your life force energy from within.

You will take this new found liberation, inspiration and healing into every area of your life… from the Bedroom. To the Boardroom. And Beyond!

Session 2 Includes:
Tantric practices ~ Somatic release through 3 feminine portals of power: Heart. Womb. Yoni (Vagina)
(clothes are always optional)
Learn core Tantric Principles, breath work and practices

  • All sessions include a coaching component of education and embodied experience to ensure practical tools and new understandings can be easily recalled for life as they are seeded deeply into mind, body and energy.


“Today I interconnected through my heart, to my Spirit. I felt totally safe and dropped in.
It was a rebirth of self… and although I know there is still more to explore, I’m curious to delve and uncover more of the of the gifts within me.
At the start I felt soft and open to receive, I trusted Ella implicitly with every cell of my being.
In my first session “Remember the Goddess – Heart Open”, Ella had held me in a space of unconditional love, sisterhood and deep and utter respect.

Without experiencing this session I would not have surrendered the same way – the softening of my heart created the trust within my womb.
So my session began in love.

I was held and guided in the loving arms of a woman who gives from her own heart, powerful wisdom and deep soulful  presence.
Throughout the session together I felt the power of oneness within myself, the sisterhood and ancestors before me. It woke up my wombs innate wisdom and I felt a deeper pull to the collective.

I moved through dogma, and indoctrination that I had been storing within my womb and yoni and felt the release as the energy was moved out. I felt the space , I felt the liberation and I felt the peace of letting it all go.
A melting of the old into the new.
Not once did it feel like a ‘sexual’ experience – it was a blissful rediscovery of my innocence and  sensuality leading to a oneness with self.

There were moments were I felt tender in the womb and yoni when Ella was tenderly moving through the energy.
I realised that those spots brought up memories and blocks that I had tucked away.
Ella was able to identify an old injury to my yoni I received when I was a child. She was able to identify the trauma that it had caused in my physical body and up until that moment been the cause of an ongoing pain.
I will be booking a follow up session to release this. Not even a doctor has ever picked this up, this woman is powerful.

The session was a reclamation of self, centred in who I am – unapologetically free to be me, the wise deep, expansive woman that I am today. This was a sacred re awakening of my sexual and spiritual self.

That night when I was making love to my man he felt the difference in my body and said it was like making love to three people – like my yoni had her own identity and a mind of her own. He was flawed by the shift and we connected deeper than we ever have before. This is true sexual healing.

Everything about this experience will stay with me forever and I entirely recommend it to all women.
For the women on the fence or feeling scared. THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL and beautiful.
To the women who are interested in working with Ella, I invite you to read this testimonial, put your hand on your heart and womb and take a deep breath in.

Feel these words as these are my truth. My session was my unique and own and your experience will be different and exactly perfect for you.


~ Important to Note ~

~ The Heart ~ A woman’s ‘Positive pole’ is her heart and her ‘Negative pole’ is her Yoni (Vagina). The masculines ‘Positive pole’ is his Lingam (Cock) and his ‘Negative pole is his heart’ ~ ‘We warm a man up, and a woman down’. Therefore we activate that channel from sex to heart and heart to sex by cultivating and moving the energy from one pole to the other, connecting them in union and harmony bringing into alignment both polarities.

~ The Yoni ~ Vagina, Cervix, Womb and Ovaries hold and store so much. So much trauma, not just our own but linage worth. Working with the Yoni is a sacred practise that is deeply healing and liberating. It is also fully respected. Only if and when the heart, womb and pussy sing in resonance with a full embodied “YES” do we ever enter the golden gates as we gently and safely release any old conditioning, hurt, or negativity stored in these parts through loving touch, breath work and intention. Trauma once released will free you to feel lighter, be able to access greater pleasure states and sensations as you allow more space for what it is you DO want and desire…

~ ALL Sessions for HER ~

– Are conducted on a Futon (a mattress on the floor) for your comfort and so that you are safe to move around, in and with the energy

– Are deeply healing, sacred and have nothing but your highest and best interests at heart.

– Always conducted in a safe, honouring and healthy way ~ mind, body and spirit.

– Upon request, receive access to ‘home-play’ follow up emails to expand on your sacred practice at home

~ The First Step ~

This is truly the GIFT that keeps on giving! When a woman invests in herself first and fills up from the inside out with life force, love and can channel that energy… EVERY facet of her life BENEFITS!

Your Sacred Sexuality is but an extension of all you are and is just as important to invest in as your physical & mental health or your business. You are a whole complete being. If one area of your life is suffering, or out of balance, the whole will suffer.

*** The first session (Sovereignty Alignment or Remember the Goddess) working with Ella is a fundamental step and foundational session. Once complete Ella offers packages to work with her based on a clients unique intention and Breakthrough Results.

START HERE > Breakthrough Success Call

The next step is to book a FREE Clarity Breakthrough call.

This is an opportunity for us both to get super clear and on the same page with where you are now, where you have been and where you deeply desire to go!

During this time I will help you identify and pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from having everything you want, and I will help you map out a clear action plan, specific to you, moving forward.

I will also take you through how I can best serve you to have an imminent breakthrough, and I will be sharing some ways we can take the next most powerful step forward together, if that feels right for the both of us, and is a “F” yes for you.

What is your Intention?

Moving forward those who are ready to work with Ella need to ask themselves: “What is my desired Intention?”

Is it…

. To remember your birthright to be a Sex Goddess and own your pleasure, power and sacred sexuality

. To heal from past trauma in a safe, wholistic and loving way (mind, body, energy, emotion)

. To explore a new way to express and communicate yourself with a lover or partner

. To invest in your own knowledge, wisdom and experience

. To try something new

. To spark/ re-spark your sexual desire

. To overcome vaginismus (not being able to penetrate the vulva) or volvodynia (ongoing, and often medically unexplained, sexual pain)

. To come out of your head, and reconnect with your heart and body intelligence

. To feel more embodied, able to communicate and connect more, with self and others, with deeper intimacy

. To channel your sexual energy (your life force energy) in a healthy, productive and positive way into every facet of your life

. Something else? Please discuss…

Remember… the goal of Tantra is, there is NO GOAL!

It is all about the journey, staying curious and opening up to all the sensations of the experience with no judgement as opposed to chasing any particular goal or outcome.

Your intention is what we focus the energy on as we journey together.

~ Testimonials ~

“Ella is a miracle worker.
I was feeling very stuck around my sexuality and my body. I felt awful and, at times, I wished I could give up.

In a couple of sessions Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and really good in myself.

Ella is a super strong guide. She got in full alignment with me and helped me along my own journey with integrity. I felt completely honored and accepted by her.

My experiences were beautifully erotic. She is like no one else, so unique, you won’t find anyone else that can do what she can.”


“Today I took a tremendous step in my personal growth journey. I gave myself the gift of experiencing a Yoni massage. ❤ I was incredibly nervous but with the help of my beautiful and supportive sister Ella  I was able to have the most amazing experience! I felt so safe and held and now I realize how much I was holding onto! Thank you so much to Ella and thank you to myself for giving me this truly beautiful gift!”


“I have struggled for the past 4 years with my health, addiction, issues within my family and my relationship. I have done many other types of healing in the past but nothing felt the way I felt with my session with Ella. She is so deep and beautiful and she helps you to understand why you are feeling a certain way and where that has come from. My intention was to start feeling better within myself and my relationship and wow did things come up. By the end of the session I felt so light and as though I was walking on clouds it was beautiful although the session was hard in certain points it was what I needed. Right now my body is still integrating and so much is still coming up but I am able to see much clearer where it is coming from and what my body needs to help it along. From this session I feel as though my body is becoming one again rather than just being scattered all over the place. I was able to go to a dance class today which used to be my greatest love but I have had severe anxiety over it for the last 3 years, I can’t tell you how amazing it felt!

I am already planning another session with my partner so that we can have the amazing relationship we both deserve. If you are considering a session with Ella please give yourself that gift because you deserve to feel amazing and loved in every way.”


For more testimonials click here