~ Testimonials from the Feminine ~

“I have struggled for the past 4 years with my health, addiction, issues within my family and my relationship. I have done many other types of healing in the past but nothing felt the way I felt with my session with Ella. She is so deep and beautiful and she helps you to understand why you are feeling a certain way and where that has come from.

My intention was to start feeling better within myself and my relationship and wow did things come up. By the end of the session I felt so light and as though I was walking on clouds it was beautiful although the session was hard in certain points it was what I needed. Right now my body is still integrating and so much is still coming up but I am able to see much clearer where it is coming from and what my body needs to help it along. From this session I feel as though my body is becoming one again rather than just being scattered all over the place.

I was able to go to a dance class today which used to be my greatest love but I have had severe anxiety over it for the last 3 years, I can’t tell you how amazing it felt!  I am already planning another session with my partner so that we can have the amazing relationship we both deserve. If you are considering a session with Ella please give yourself that gift because you deserve to feel amazing and loved in every way.”



“Ella is a miracle worker.

I was feeling very stuck around my sexuality and my body. I felt awful and, at times, I wished I could give up.

In a couple of sessions Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and really good in myself.

Ella is a super strong guide. She got in full alignment with me and helped me along my own journey with integrity. I felt completely honored and accepted by her.

My experiences were beautifully erotic. She is like no one else, so unique, you won’t find anyone else that can do what she can.”



“Last week I had so much grief and pain come up… It was very strong – I actually felt really alive because it was so vivid and so deep (which on one level was amazing because I realise it beat feeling numb) but obviously at the same time it was heavy and sooo painful

I felt l needed something extra to move my ‘stuff’ so on the weekend I had a powerful one on one healing session with the super supportive Ella Hall.

It was an amazing experience! I left feeling completely calm, centred and generally on cloud 9  The next day I woke up and as soon as l opened my eyes l felt completely rested, peaceful and had this amazing sense of clarity! I definitely feel that l have been able to let go of a layer of my grief and pains! ”



“Today I took a tremendous step in my personal growth journey. I gave myself the gift of experiencing a Yoni massage. ❤

I was incredibly nervous but with the help of my beautiful and supportive sister Ella Hall I was able to have the most amazing experience! I felt so safe and held and now I realize how much I was holding onto! Thank you so much to Ella and thank you to myself for giving me this truly beautiful gift!”



“Thank you Ella for such an amazing session. It was and is such a sacred way to heal yourself and get in touch with the sacred feminine goddess within. I am speechless and so grateful for this gift.”


“Ella Hall is a truly amazing & inspirational woman. She has a remarkable ability to create & hold a sacred space free of judgment & full of permission to step up & claim our feminine sovereignty. Ella is intuitive, playful & her passion for her work & life is contagious. When I signed up to work with her I had no real idea of what I was signing up for. I just knew I wanted some of her strength, passion & zest for life. After just 5 weeks with Ella I feel so much more deeply connected to my deepest self. If you’re looking to transform your life I cannot recommend this woman more highly.”



“Working with Ella was a privilege. To be in her presence and have her sharing here immense gifts is nothing short of transforming. This is one powerful woman! She opened my eyes and while gently holding my soul. If you feel the calling to work with Ella I can’t recommend that you answer that calling enough. She is the real deal and will change your life.”



“I don’t even think that I could even begin to explain in words how incredibly special this woman is and the programs she offers to the collective

I have been to every workshop, course pretty much known to man in the last 10 years. I was literally a personal development junkie extraordinaire!!

Yet, I guess I had become quite jaded over the years and was going to workshops to fix parts of me, not actually confront them and step into my own intrinsic knowledge and power. I was always waiting for others to come and support me and found that this is how I validated myself in my life. Going to Ella’s course in my anxious mind was just ‘another’ one of those courses.

Her course shattered and rocked me to the core and blew away all of my expectations!!!

Not only did I feel like I had come home to my self in such a different way of love, yet I felt enlivened and awake in my body. I also started to feel like I finally knew what it was that was blocking me truly stepping out and leaping into all of the parts of life I was so scared shitless of.

She has a beautiful natural way of being able to remind me of parts of myself that I have numbed away or blocked. To be able to uncover these parts with a level of clarity and intentions that caused me to want to work on myself on a level I did not even think possible.

So just a bit of back story to create a context.

At the age of 16, I was told by a psychologist that I would never truly get rid of my eating disorder and bulimia. Well before Ella’s Remember Realign and Re Empower course, I was up all night with such intense bulimia and came into the course completely defeatist, tired, depleted and in such a state of shame. I really just wanted to run away and go and numb myself down because its just all too hard.

Yet, I have always been someone who goes on my word when I commit to something and went with my tail between my legs and trying to think of a great escape plan at the lunch break.

At the beginning of the course Ella told her story with a level of unabashed raw cathartic vulnerability and an openness that I had never seen before in a facilitator.

This showed me a woman who is still a human and speaks from a place of deep wisdom and intuition. She came from a place of humility and ferocious love. I truly had no choice but to stay and honour this brave woman who was willing to create a program to give women the chance to remember their true love for life and what truly makes their spirits shake and just how powerful they are.

I have not had bulimia come back in the last 9 months. And I can truly say that I have chosen to step into my own wisdom and mastery and I can tell you now, bulimia is not a part of this life and never will be. I have had a full paradigm shift and re programmed neural pathways to break any sabotaging patterns. Its incredible when you are given a framework that works in your life and also have the support on a level that makes you feel fully safe, loved and celebrated, this is where the healing and the magic happens.

Like I said before, this testimonial cannot even begin to give the level of gratitude to Ella and her incredible offerings for the world. What a gift, if you are sitting on the fence about working with this woman…Do it! And trust yourself. Her magic and program will rewrite your whole life on a level you cannot even imagine!!!”