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  • 1 x Rose Quartz Egg (Large) worth $75
  • 1 x Nephrite Jade Egg (Medium) worth $89
  • 1 x Black Obsidian Egg (Small) worth $40
  • Save yourself: $24!
  • ***Dependent on stock levels we will send you what we have available in the respective sizes.
  • Silk-lined beautiful black box for safe keeping

  • Velvet satchel
  • Detailed instructions in brochure
  • Free access to Rosie’s private Facebook Group: Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • Express Shipping
  • All prices in $AUD

We suggest beginning with the large rose quartz yoni egg first (if you have given birth previously). Then working your way down to the medium size nephrite jade egg, followed by the small obsidian when you feel ready for a challenge. If you haven’t given birth, try starting with the jade egg and working up to the heavier egg, which may be a challenge, as will the obsidian egg.



We recommend not using our products for diagnosing or treating any health problems. Always consult your healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition.


  • Emotional balance and stability
  • Revitalising energy and speeds up healing
    Stone of health and abundance (good luck charm)
  • Heals and opens the Heart Chakra (also helps in dysfunctional relationships and issues around love)
  • Instills sense of calm, wellbeing and confidence
  • Protects against illness and psychic protection
  • Energetic clearing and transmutes negative energy
  • Helps with kidney function (Nephrite literally means Kidney in Greek)
  • Supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity.


Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, infinite peace, compassion and forgiveness. It is the most important crystal for the heart and heart chakra and teaches us the true essence of love. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels, and brings deep inner healing and self-love. It is calming, reassuring, and excellent for the use in trauma or crisis, especially when used inside the Yoni (sacred space). It is effective in drawing love and relationships towards you that it often needs, and in existing relationships, it will restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love.

Rose Quartz gently:

  • Repels negative energy
  • Brings about positive energy into your life
  • Teaches you how to love yourself, as you cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself!
  • Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance
  • Invokes self-trust and self-worth
  • Healing for circulation, skin issues (complexion, burns or blistering), lungs, chest or heart problems, kidneys, adrenal and vertigo issues


Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava comes into contact with water; this forces it to cool so quickly that it doesn’t have time to crystallize resulting in a stone with a shiny, glassy texture. It can bring negative emotions and unpleasant truths rushing to the surface, which have to be confronted before peace can return. It is used for:

  • Removing trauma
  • Clears negative energy
  • Psychic protection
  • Protection from negativity
  • Balances base chakra (root chakra)
  • Releases resentment from others and fear
  • Stimulates the gift of prophecy
  • Removes negative attachments that have built up in your aura
  • Removes emotional blockages




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