Tantra Meaning: To Weave & to Expand

Deluxe Initiation – Tantra for HIM

In order for high performance, professional and entrepreneurial men to unlock their reservoir of unlimited potential to earn more, have incredible relationships (with themselves and others) and transform the way they show up: from the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond – upgrading their self-image and having a growth mindset is not enough…

Instead they must step into Masculine Alignment – (the integration of their heart, mind and sexual energy)– to take back their authentic power: or they will continue to ‘leak energy’ that would otherwise derail and sabotage their results to be the most healthy, high quality and embodied man they can be – a leader who leaves a proud legacy. 

“One word… Incredible!”


– Do you want to learn how to channel your Sexual energy and enter Orgasmic States so powerful you can manifest the ‘MORE’ that you seek? More: love, peace, clarity, purpose, passion, pleasure, connection, intimacy, power, wealth, abundance, vitality, health?
– Do you want to last longer and take charge of your sexual energy in lovemaking?
– Are you ready to overcome Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation PERMANENTLY, drug free?!
– To discover ways to come out of your ‘mind’ and back into your body: connecting your sex and heart?
– To awaken your healthy inner masculine and primal energy?
– To explore a new way to pleasure your partner and to take your lovemaking and expertise in bedroom to the next level?
– To invest in your own knowledge and experience, to awaken your ‘KING’ energy?!
– To try something new?
– To have a deeply relaxing and sensual experience held in pristine integrity?
– To experience deeper intimacy & connection?


For your curiosity, willingness and courage to explore and find out more.

I warmly invite you now to open the door to unlock your own sacred sexuality.

Come on the journey with me…

~ The First Step ~

This is truly the GIFT that keeps on giving! When a man invests in himself first and fills up from the inside out with life force, love and can channel that energy… EVERY facet of his life BENEFITS!

Your Sacred Sexuality is but an extension of all you are and is just as important to invest in as your physical & mental health or your business. You are a whole complete being. If one area of your life is suffering, or out of balance, the whole will suffer.

*** The first session working with Ella is a fundamental step and foundational session – Once complete Ella offers packages to work with her based on a clients unique intention and results.

START HERE > Breakthrough Success Call

The next step is to book a 15min FREE Discovery call.

This is an opportunity for us to touch base and see if there is alignment in us working with each other.

If so we will book a Game Plan Session so we can both to get super clear and on the same page with where you are now, where you have been and where you deeply desire to go!

During this time I will help you identify and pinpoint exactly what is holding you back from having everything you want, and I will help you map out a clear action plan, specific to you, moving forward.

I will also take you through how I can best serve you to have an imminent breakthrough, and I will be sharing some ways we can take the next most powerful step forward together, if that feels right for the both of us, and is a “F” yes for you.


IN PERSON – The following VIP Deluxe Dessions are limited and in high demand


 ~ Session 1 – DELUXE TANTRIC INITIATION – ‘Surrender to the Goddess’ ~

Foundations – 2 hours (futon)

Men… This is NOT a pleasure session. You will EXPERIENCE something totally different and utterly unique. There is nothing like this on the market!

Ella has the innate ability to unlock your multi-orgasmic nature as you learn to IMPLODE with full body orgasm again and again.
You will learn to lay the seeds and foundations of Tantra (tools and skills that will serve you for LIFE) as you RECEIVE a transmission and embody what is possible as you melt into the loving arms of the Goddess.
Ella is an expert and deeply intuitive: trust that you will get everything you need as her hands, voice and body guide you every step of the way as you can, in confidence, completely surrender… You are taken into another dimension as you experience and learn just how amazing and orgasmic energy feels as it is moved throughout your entire body.
This session lays a solid foundation to build on as you open to a taster and smorgasbord of Tantric activations, education and empowerment! You will leave with more clarity, peace and wisdom; feeling deeply satiated, relaxed, nourished, empowered, recharged, invigorated and new!

Guaranteed that wherever you choose to go from this moment forward you will only continue to deepen and expand.

Session 1 Includes:
Education – Learn core Tantric Principles, breath work and practices and give your mind everything it needs to shut the “F” up with love, to allow the rest of you to let go completely and surrender into your intrinsic wisdom of sex and heart. Education combined with embodied experience IS the transformation and ensure’s practical tools and new understandings can be easily recalled for life as they are seeded deeply into mind, body and energy.
Inspiration – Full body worship ~ Naked somatic bodywork: Activate quantum level healing through the power of erotic touch.
Empowerment – Leave with knowledge and solid foundations in place – giving you everything you need to continue to deepen and expand on your journey, where ever you choose to go…

2.25 hour VIP session

“Ella truly is a Goddess. She will guide you on a transformational journey through your internal landscapes to open up your mind and heart like never before. Her compassionate authenticity coupled with tender touch will leave you walking away from the experience with a divine spring in your step”

~ Session 2 – INITIATION – Awaken the Shiva ~

2 hours (futon)

* Please Note – To qualify for session 2 you must have already done session 1 to lay a solid foundation.

It’s time to take the next powerful step in your Tantric journey!
Guided by the Goddess awaken your inner FIRE and passion of both sex and heart.
Deepen your understanding and embodied practice of Tantric energy moving through you as you drop even deeper into orgasmic states.
If you are a man who is struggling with any issues of sexual imbalances or hurdles to overcome we can handle these in greater depth here, as you have now built trust with your guide and EVIDENCE you can do this!
Claim your birthright and step into your Shiva (God man) as we unlock and bring online all the innate gifts of your masculine essence! These is more of a ‘sex-centric’ session focussing on the base and root chakra (primal energy) we will take the next step in full body worship combined with tantric practices that will enable you to leave the limitations of your mind and allow you to step into your authentic Masculine power as you connect to all you are by activating your mind, body and energy and connecting to your deepest wisdom, desire and all liberate your pleasure.

You will leave feeling inspired, relaxed, nourished, energised, integrated, empowered and open.

Session 2 Includes:
Full body worship ~ Naked somatic bodywork
Take Tantric breath work and practices to the next level.

  • All sessions include a coaching component of education and embodied experience to ensure practical tools and new understandings can be easily recalled for life as they are seeded deeply into mind, body and energy.

“Educational, empowering, life changing. Had you told me feeling like this was possible I would have scoffed in your face. I am a smart man. I own multiple businesses and work 80 hours plus a week. I travel a lot and never switch off. I came in for what I thought would be a relaxing massage… I had no idea one could ever feel this way, still the mind chatter and feel so completely relaxed without the use of chemicals or sex. As Ella said “Who needs the drugs when we are the drugs”. Impressed and will return.”

~ Sacred Touch Tantra – KAMA SUTRA (Active level 1) ~ 

2 hours (futon)

* Please Note – To qualify for session 3 you must have already done session 1 & 2 to lay a solid foundation.

This session is more intimate, advanced and designed for those who have already been initiated by the Goddess.

This session offers an introduction into the ART of the KAMA SUTRA – Taking Tantric practice to the next level.

As we cultivate Kundalini (life force) energy we begin to move together staying in that energy while practicing a number of the arts. These include: Heart Opening/ Breath of Fire/ Cobra/ Cat-Cow/ Yab Yum etc

This session is deeply intimate and will take your understanding of the connection you can have and maintain with a Goddess or partner to new heights allowing you to integrate Tantric practice into your everyday life & love making.


~ Sacred Touch Tantra – ‘THE RITUAL’ ~ 3 Hour Experience

3 hours (futon)

* Please Note – To qualify for session 4 you must have already done session 1, 2 & 3

This session is a ceremony and ritual to celebrate the birth of the Supreme YOU!
Unleash your Rock Star Essence & Creative Leadership integrating masculine intention with feminine flow.
Working with the power of medicinal mushrooms & Mother Cacao (ceremonial grade hot chocolate): to awaken the heart centre and sex connection to take the Tantric experience
Quantum Cosmic!


~ ALL VIP Deluxe Tantra Sessions ~

~ Are conducted on a Futon for your comfort and safety

~ All sessions include a coaching component of education and embodied experience to ensure practical tools and new understandings can be easily recalled for life as they are seeded deeply into mind, body and energy.

~ Are deeply healing, sacred and have nothing but your highest & best interests at heart.

~ Always conducted in a safe and healthy way mind, body and spirit.

~ Upon request receive access to ‘home-play’ follow up emails to expand on your sacred practise at home

Note: Ella offers:

  • New linen/ towels
  • COVID safe
  • State of the art service
  • High vibrational space
  • Beautiful amenities



By appointment only – 7am – 7pm (last session)
(early morning appointments are an incredible way to start your day!)

Ella is in high demand and prides herself on the highest quality of service. She takes her clients on a deep and transformational journey, therefore she only works with a hand selected few at any given time. Limited places available and spots do book up quickly – advanced bookings are recommended.


~ Testimonials ~

“I suffered long term abuse as a child which left me shut down, compliant and incapable of feeling. This patterning has been carried through into adulthood and has affected my day to day life as far as interactions with others and relationships go.
Incredibly my partner has a similar background. We were brought together to heal each other. Our relationship is particularly challenging to say the least.
Rather than more psychological therapy a more spiritual approach was chosen. Having been force fed religion by my abusers I am definitely not a religious person but I certainly have a spiritual awareness. For me the intention was to break free from the chains that have held me back for so long and live my life to the fullest.
Ella is a true goddess indeed, in every sense of the word. I am in awe of the love, warmth, light and power she commands and feel blessed indeed to have her as my guide. My sessions have been life changing. I have never had so many emotions brought out before or felt so loved.
Ella is giving me back the power I lost a long time ago. The power to live and love as a king and not as a dominated, compliant shell. I am being recharged and energised. I am integrating and being reborn.”



“Goddess Ella is not only beautiful on the outside but has an internal beauty that radiates outwardly and makes you feel instantly at ease. I was nervous as an older gent. Not sure what this whole Tantric thing was all about. But after speaking with Ella on the phone I felt calmer immediately as she walked me through the process and what to expect.
My wife died some years ago and I was feeling like the fire died with her. I had resigned to the fact it was all over. On top of that I have suffered from E.D for some years now and was concerned about that. Again, Ella reassured me. I decided to give it a go.
Well… I can honestly say I have not had an experience like that since I was a young buck! I have signed up for the ride now and am excited for where the journey may take me. Ella has awoken something in me, my passion for life. Everything feels and looks different. More vibrant. I am inspired and very grateful.”



“A true Tantric Goddess… Where Ella took me was cosmic. Now walking through Treasury Gardens… So alive! Blessings”