“One word… Incredible!”


Ella specialises in the art of Energetic Alignment and Orgasmic Manifesting.

When we clear out the resistance and enter orgasmic states of BE-ing, all parts of us (mind, body, energy, emotion) align and we are therefore more integrated.
In this integrated state (in INTEGRITY) we are never in a more powerful position to ask the Universe for all that we deeply desire with little resistance, pin point accuracy and laser beam intention!

These orgasmic states are accessed very easily through the practice of Tantra.

These Coaching & Tantric experiential package options below have been created with the sole intention of supporting you on and throughout your Breakthrough journey with your Guide.

Your Sacred Sexuality is but an extension of all you are and is just as important to invest in as your physical, mental and professional health. You are a whole complete being. If one area of your life is suffering, or out of balance, the whole will suffer.

This is truly the GIFT that keeps on giving! When a man invests in himself first and fills up from the inside out with life force, vitality and love and can learn to channel that energy positively and productively… EVERY area of his life BENEFITS!

“Look no further, elegance and beauty personified! Ella has an uncanny intuitiveness to delve into the depths of your psyche – An experience like no other”


“Today I took a tremendous step in my personal growth journey. I gave myself the gift of experiencing a Yoni massage. ❤ I was incredibly nervous but with the help of my beautiful and supportive sister Ella  I was able to have the most amazing experience! I felt so safe and held and now I realize how much I was holding onto! Thank you so much to Ella and thank you to myself for giving me this truly beautiful gift!”


“Ella holds a beautiful safe space that allowed me to shift from fear and shame into excitement and liberation! I feel a lot more embodied and now I look forward create, live and manifest from a place of inner harmony and abundance. Thank you Ella”.





Stuck? Scared? Blocked? Got something specific you wish to Learn, Embody, Shift or ‘Call In’?
Simply need a reset, recharge and clear path back to the true YOU?!

These packages are designed to give you both the practical knowledge (coaching) AND embodied practice (Tantric Bodywork) to fast track your results and take you into a new realm of understanding and connection (to yourself and other).
You will learn to embody and work with the 4 core principals of Tantra as tools for fast and lasting transformation and success.

Access your unlimited potential and birthright to experience


Health, Freedom, Pleasure, Power and Abundance

From the Bedroom, to the Boardroom and Beyond!

We will be working with and channeling your sexual energy (the most powerful of ALL the energies) consciously as you awaken your innate gifts, building a bridge from success to sexuality, and having the confidence to start taking the inspired action steps necessary to share your mastery with the world.

Let’s start the process of releasing the conscious and unconscious stories, trauma and resistance that’s holding you back IN YOUR Pleasure and Power using Tantra as a tool for fast, safe and healthy release.

As we ‘let go’ we have more space and energy to rewire our neurology, reset our nervous system and light that inner fire through education, inspiration and empowerment – as we align ALL of you to your deepest desires, passions and pleasures as we gain momentum towards what you are choosing to create and manifest with pristine clarity, empowered!


Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

(Talk Therapy & Energetic Realignment) – (in Person/ Zoom online)

In these coaching sessions, we can lay solid foundations to build on working on your core intentions based on any number of subjects – but assured we will always be focussing on exactly what you need in that present moment.
These sessions are intuitively guided and always perfectly in alignment – they will educate, inspire and empower you to take the action steps necessary to draw you ever closer towards your ultimate vision, mission and purpose.

You will also gain the cognitive understanding of Quantum level healing tools and core principals of Tantra and all things sacred sexuality – working with these to amplify your specific intention.

Here you can ask all the questions you need, we can workshop issues together and clean up anything that may be coming up… Meaning that when we move into the embodied practice and bodywork sessions, we can go even deeper and have more expansive and profound experiences!


Deluxe Tantra Body Work Sessions

– (in Person)

These sessions are the active embodied practice – taking the practical elements of what you have learned in and throughout your coaching journey and then experiencing them alive and moving through your body!
These sessions are the game changer, amplifier and magic ingredient that will fast track your results to success!

Each one of these sessions will be tailored specifically to you and your needs as we journey together.


N.B. All Deluxe Tantra Bodywork Sessions:

  • Will be tailored to you, the individual. Working in alignment with your current intention/ what you desire to manifest, your needs, requirements and your level of experience as we journey together.
  • Will be conducted by appointment at pivotal times throughout your healing/ transformation success journey. This suggested format is a guide only : most clients average 1 to 2 sessions per month. We can book them whenever we deem appropriate or necessary throughout by appointment.
  • Include genital touch (unless otherwise specified or requested) – hands only.
    The masculines ‘Positive pole’ is his Lingam (Cock) and his ‘Negative pole’ is his heart.
    While a woman’s ‘Positive pole’ is her heart and her ‘Negative pole’ is her Yoni (Vagina).
    In short… men and women are built upside down!
    We warm a man up to activate his heart, and a we warm a woman down to activate her sex.
    At times throughout a session we can choose to activate and open that channel of energy to flow by sacred touch and cultivate and connect the energy from one pole to the other through intention, breath sound and movement. In this way a man or woman awakens to both his/ her feminine and his/ her Masculine energy, being bought into harmony as both polarities of sex and heart are unified.
    To give you an idea of what can be explored… Learn more about sessions for HIM here
    Learn more about sessions for HER here
  • Are conducted on a Futon for your safety, comfort and more body to body contact
  • Are deeply healing, sacred and always carried out in absolute integrity.
  • Are always conducted in a safe, healthy and ecological way; mind, body and spirit.
  • Will include or incorporate a coaching/ healing component.
  • Upon request, receive access to a Clear Action Plan = follow up emails to expand on your education/ sacred practise at home (additional investment $50 – these are included at no additional cost as part of the PLATINUM Membership – see below)
  • NB – At any time Ella may recommend, or you can choose to upgrade a Session for a fee – Just ask. Upgrades include: Anal De-Armouring/ ‘Intimacy and Connection Series’/ Tantra Sessions for THEM etc

15min Recalibration Sessions

Most people choose to do a Coaching session followed by a Bodywork session… these can be done in no particular time frame but as needed, though many are now choosing to keep themselves on track with weekly 15 minute Recalibrations (sold separately at this link, or you can save and buy a pack of 10x) to support them throughout their journey to ask questions, handle anything as it may arise and keep them motivated, on track and to ‘clean up’ any growing pains or funky energy along the way.

Please feel into the following options and let me know what resonates for you.


3 x 1:1, 75mins Breakthrough Coaching Sessions (in Person/ Zoom online)
PLUS 3 x Personalised Clear Action Plans (emailed after each coaching session – with follow up education, information and home play)
PLUS 2x 2hour Deluxe VIP Tantra Body work Sessions – (in Person)
Value: $6000

Pay In Full = $5850 (save $150)

6 x 1:1, 75mins Breakthrough Coaching Sessions (in Person/ Zoom online)
PLUS 2 x 2hour Deluxe VIP Tantra Body work Sessions  (in Person)
PLUS 3 x Personalised Clear Action Plans (emailed after each coaching session – with follow up education, information and home play)


– $$$ Wealth Vibration Upgrade –  Accelerate Your Manifesting Power:
Working with your Power Centre & personal Governing Energetics Blueprint radically increase your ability to create and hold prosperity & abundance $$$ in the NOW!
Valued @ $1500

PLUS Ella’s Claim your Pleasure Power with Tantra Audio Mini Series (valued $49 US)

Value: $8000

Pay In Full = $7750 (save $250)

ALL session’s now include GST!

N.B. Sessions can be used anytime, all bookings in advance with no expiration date.
All sessions can be claimed on as tax as professional development if appropriate to you.
Further discounts may apply simply speak with me directly.

The one and only greatest super power each of us have on this planet is the power of choice. Our choices are neither good nor bad, though they do ultimately define your current reality and the person we become…

To get you started or to discuss any options in more detail please contact me on mobile 0484388778 or email and ask all the questions you need to make the best decision for you.

Here’s to your journey.

Ella Hall
Breakthrough Success Coach & Pleasure Power Expert
Director @ STM Health & Wellness
m: 0400374871
wk: 0484222470
TA Conscious Business & Lifestyle Solutions (CB&LS)
ABN: 95310243794



“Ella truly is a Goddess. She will guide you on a transformational journey through your internal landscapes to open your mind and heart like never before. Her compassionate authenticity coupled with tender touch will leave you walking away from the experience with a divine spring in your step”

“Today I gave myself a gift… Never have I experienced a practitioner that connects into your entire being and psyche in this way.
I felt completely held and safe to trust surrender and melt into her pristine presence and spiritual connection.
My heart was blown open and I felt the surge of love wash over my entire body.
And now, I feel aligned with my true calling for the first time in my life.
Before the session I wanted to run away from everything I hold dear and sabotage everything that I love. After the session I felt like I was standing taller, clearer more empowered and more in love with my self as a beautiful sensual divine woman who is connected to the richness of my life.
Ella gives from a place deep honour and reverence. Not once did I feel her presence veer away – she was there guiding me with her voice, energy and beautiful body making me feel safe and held beginning to end.
This woman is a healer beyond words. These sessions are precious and I recommend them to every human being that feels called to do so.”

“I was completely exhausted and burnt out with my existence. I had tried almost everything to sort myself out and was desperate enough to open to inviting the less tangible soul-level nurturance and energy work into the picture because nothing else was working.

Ella is an incredibly warm, respectful, caring, intelligent, confident and totally in-tune woman. She knew me better than I knew me, at times scarily so. Her direct and totally energised approach kept me going up and up!! What I received from Ella has been a clarity, freshness and reinvigoration that has completely transformed my outlook, my state and facilitated my current healing path. My priorities and world as I know it have completely shifted. Life changing.

I am more abundant, my relationships have become more intimate and I am connecting to myself and the world around me empowered, confident and energised. I have been working with Ella ongoing for the last 5 months and have experienced the power of incorporating both Tantric practice with coaching. I believe this has facilitated the greatest shift for me. Forever grateful. I recommend this magic woman to anyone. Though not what you might call ‘conventional’ working with Ella in this way has facilitated the most profound changes in me that, prior to experiencing it for myself, I never would have thought possible; and in the shortest amount of time!!! Thank you, Ella you are a true healer.”


“Ella is a miracle worker.
I was feeling very stuck around my sexuality and my body. I felt awful and, at times, I wished I could give up.
In a couple of sessions Ella helped me clear my biggest blocks so I could move again and I now feel capable of growth. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and really good in myself.
Ella is a super strong guide. She got in full alignment with me and helped me along my own journey with integrity. I felt completely honoured and accepted by her.
My experiences were beautifully erotic. She is like no one else, so unique, you won’t find anyone else that can do what she can.”

Ella is a true goddess indeed, in every sense of the word. I am in awe of the love, warmth, light and power she commands and feel blessed indeed to have her as my guide. My sessions have been life changing. I have never had so many emotions brought out before or felt so loved.

Ella is giving me back the power I lost a long time ago. The power to live and love as a King and not as a dominated, compliant shell. I am being recharged and energised. I am integrating and being reborn.”

“My wife and I were seeing Dr Jan who referred us to her daughter Ella. We were completely desperate. An older gentleman I have been suffering quite a bit as a result of ED and other physical limitations that have affected my intimate relationship with my partner for the last 7 years. I am diabetic and medication definitely plays a role too. We had nearly given up hope. I have not been able to have penetrative sex for that amount of time. However on the night after my first session I had a turning point in so much as I was able to perform sexually for the first time in a long time! I was hard and I was horny and I loved it! Needless to say my wife was amazed and overjoyed. Thank you Ella you have saved our marriage.”
Rick & Joy

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