~ Shadow Work ~

Shadow Work

~ Do you have a fantasy? ~


Fantasy is but a construct of the mind…
If the mind is not mastered or used in the proper way, as ‘software’ we can become stuck there. Missing out on all the gifts in the reality of our present moment.
Lets discuss it and remove any blocks in relation to you feeling free to be you. Letting go of any stigma, shame, fear and guilt around kinks.
Fantasy and shadow work is something that Ella has explored in depth and is able to guide you to a new paradigm of acceptance and awakening through respecting the shadow.
Please note: It is important that no fantasy will be tolerated that brings yourself or any other living person or thing into harms way. Ella is a light worker and as such will only allow for the highest and best vibration of creation energy to be acknowledged and amplified.

Lets focus on what it is you do DEEPLY DESIRE and amplify that and call it in!

~ Working with the Shadow via SKYPE & Phone ~


Ella offers both face to face, Skype & phone sessions that are equally just as powerful.
As we are all just energy in motion, while working with energy we have the power to effect change instantaneously over the other side of the world. Ella offer’s education, healing and transformational breakthrough sessions in all formats.

 ~ Skype ~

~ Skype consults can be deeply healing and transformative and take your level of understanding and self mastery to the next level as you are guided by the Goddess into deeper levels of relaxation, awareness and empowerment. These can be focused on Sacred Sex, Tantric in nature or Ella offer can work with you to clear blocks, learn tools and techniques to gain more clarity on your passion, purpose or relationship via coaching and energetic realignment.

Skype rates

30 minutes – $125
60 minutes – $250

~ Phone ~

Are you shy?
Not quite ready to meet the Goddess face to face?
Then perhaps phone is the best way to go initially…

Phone rates

30 minutes – $125
60 minutes – $250



~ Testimonials ~

“Look no further, elegance and beauty personified! Ella has an uncanny intuitiveness to delve into the depths of your psyche – An experience like no other”

Steve – Phone NSW

“I couldn’t believe that I could have experienced such a massive shift in my body, mind and psyche from half way across the globe?!

Ella took me places and uncovered things that were truly amazing and at times confronting. As a Guide she has a very rare gift of making you feel comfortable while ‘going there’. So much shifted in the first session with her and everything has only been getting deeper ever since.

I have so much more clarity and a healthy outlet for my sex drive now. I no longer live in the fantasy and as such feel so much more clear and alive. My relationship has come back to life. I am getting to rediscover myself again.

I have been completely converted to the power of this work, and myself, in the short while we have been working with each other.

Thank you Ella. Client for life! You have changed mine.”

Chris – Skype U.K