The Hour of Power is a seriously potent 1 on 1 online intuitive guidance/ coaching session on any topic you desire. 


– Intuitive readings – Let go of sabotage – Remove Blocks – Addictions – Gain Clarity – Empowerment – Work on health/ food – Get on purpose – Create wealth – Be inspired!!!

What others have said:

“Ella teaches from a place of raw cathartic vulnerability and an openness that I had never seen before in a facilitator. Since working with her I have had a full paradigm shift and re programmed neural pathways to break any sabotaging patterns: healed a lifelong eating disorder, left my soul destroying job to follow my hearts true calling and doing it all empowered”
Ruby – Counsellor

“F-me?! In 1 hour with Ella I achieved more than I had been able to in the last 12months. I had no idea I was so stuck in my own way! I finally have a road map and know where I am going with clarity. No more sabotage! Watch out world, here I come!”
Adrian – Landscaper


The Hour of Power is usually $300 and for the next 24 hours you can purchase as many Hour of Power Sessions as you want to be used whenever you want! No expiry date!
ie: Purchase 12 now @ $2220 and use 1x per month (usually $3600 save $1380!!!)

Offer closes midnight Fri 22nd March
To book call 0484388778 or Email: