Goddess InBody ~ Claim Your Brave

Full Day Immersion

Facilitated by Pam Ella ~ Tantra Ella

Goddess InBody is a Movement that embraces both the masculine and feminine energies that are present in every being.

Get ready to come home to and MOVE in your beautiful body.

To EMBRACE all that you are!

The key to unlocking all of your innate gifts and coming home to your body as a temple.

Leave all pre-conceptions or expectations as to what the word ‘Goddess’ means or should look like at the door and re-write a new story. One that embodies your own unique understanding, experience and essence of Goddess for you and you alone.

This is all about YOU.

Step outside what is familiar and embrace what is unfamiliar.

Claim Your Life. Harness Your Power. Unleash Your Brave!

Goddess InBody is where both your feminine and masculine energies will be met, honored and respected.

Each has gifts to share, each has unique strengths, and each has their own distinct voice and guidance.

When both polarities of yin and yang, masculine and feminine are embodied and unified within, only then can you truly embrace, unleash and ignite your full power and unlimited potential.

Light yourself up from within, taking all the gifts from both and using them to support you in the real world in every area of your life.

Goddess InBody is a chance to get to know you… the real, raw, authentic you.

To strip back all the layers, the masks, the hats we wear as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, lovers, wives, everything we are to everyone else.

To let go of the ‘human skin’…

This day will be a deepening into and unfolding of remembering from within… It will activate your heart, your mind and your body and ignite your inner fire.

Goddess In-Body is for every woman who is ready, willing and able to step up, be brave and put herself first!

Who wants to take her level of self-mastery, brilliance and embodied ownership of creating her ideal life and reality to the next level.

It is ideally perfect…

For women who are stuck in their masculine. Who can’t switch off, are stuck in ‘go’! The over achievers, the perfectionists, the ‘yes’ girls, the people pleasers, the controllers, the directors, the Yang type women.

For women who are stuck in their feminine… All Yin. These women are all flow and no drive. They can be considered ‘spacey’, unreliable and unable to get clear on direction or what they want… they can be stuck in ‘good girl’ or ‘Princess syndrome’ and need the balance of their masculine energy to step up into their Queen.

For women who already have a good balance of both energies but are ready to unlock their core gifts, desires, passion and purpose and design and create a road map to embark on the next phase of their journey more inspired, alive, awake and aware… full power!

– A full introduction to your own masculine and feminine energies

– Get clear on what is currently blocking you from going after what it is you most deeply desire

– Embodied practices, skills and tools that are simple to access and implement that allow you to move past the blocks with grace and ease

– Achieve more in less time with no overwhelm. Allowing for Intentional Flow.

– Learn to channel your power and life force using tantric elements and principles that will bring you out of your head and into your body

– The 4 Golden Keys of Goddess InBody: How to thrive as a Goddess living in the world, but not of the world

– Access to a Tribe and Sisterhood of support to back you and keep you accountable and moving forward every step of the way

– A safe, healthy, non-judgmental space where you are held to explore, unfold and deepen into all parts of you

Watch as your external reality shifts as you come into full alignment to your deepest truth and knowing … Your highest and your best.

STEP into the powerful creator you are!

BE radically bold, beautiful and brilliant!

LOVE fiercely and graciously and come home to all the love you innately are!

Fall in love with and MARRY yourself!

DESIGN and CREATE your ideal… in every facet of your life!

AWAKEN your orgasmic nature and learn how to channel your sacred sexuality, your life-force energy in a positive and productive way to light up your life.

BECOME a co-creator in your relationships and call in or meet your beloved at 100% full – yourself first!

ALLOW space for softness, forgiveness, and surrender and learn the true power of vulnerability

Claim: “I AM GODDESS!”

The time is NOW.

I can’t wait to journey with you Goddess.

Here’s to your journey…

Pam Ella ~ Tantra Ella

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