4 Part Intimacy & Connection Series

‘For THEM’’



WHY choose to do the series?

Congratulations to you both on your courage, curiosity and willingness to explore a new paradigm of what is truly possible as you invest in taking your understanding of yourselves and each other and the deep sacred union you can share and experience to the next level!

  • Do you want to experience more intimacy with your beloved?
  • Do you crave more sensuality in your relationship?
  • Do you want to connect on the deepest level and re-ignite the PASSION and amplify the PLEASURE!
  • Do you need to realign your bodies, your hearts, your desires?
  • Do you want to take your level of communication and understanding to the next level?

LEARN how the power and practice of Tantra can take your mind, bodies and spirits into oneness as you weave and expand TOGETHER!

When two free willed sovereign beings CHOOSE to come together and invest in themselves and each other to deepen their connection and intimacy the lives of these two beings will improve and ripple out through every facet of their lives as they come together to create greater balance, harmony, intimacy, rediscover pleasure, desire and create a NEW way of being, communicating and loving!

If you are coming into a partnership feeling only 50% full…
You will be expecting the other person to fill you up the other 50%…
(Remember the quote from the movie Jerry Maguire, “You complete me”…)

What this is really saying is that you are both incomplete

This leads to all sorts of unhealthy ties, attachments and expectations within the relationship. Feelings of loss and lack occur if and when that person doesn’t meet you where you are needing to be ‘filled up’… Resentment, jealousy, shame, dogma (rules and stories) and guilt are just some of the emotions and traits easily associated with this old relationship paradigm…


What if you could come into a partnership at 100% full…? 


Full of love for self.
Grounded. Calm. Centered. Happy.
Able to transform and evolve with ease and grace.
Having trust in yourself and others.
Able to consciously communicate your truth, your desires… Expressing your empowered ‘yes’ and unashamed ‘no’.
Are composed, standing in integrity, with healthy boundaries on purpose with clarity and with intention…
Not ‘attached’ to any outcome…
Just love… “IS-NESS”, in the present moment…

And your partner could meet you there… at 100% full themselves…

  • Consciously choosing to come together to amplify all that is already amazing!
  • Working as a cohesive team. Able to take challenges in your stride…
  • Having incredible intimate, sensual and sensational SEX!!!
  • Building each other up to shine your lights bright and soar to ever greater heights of success and love!


You are a powerful creator and as individuals you are already limitless…
The greatest power comes in choosing to come together as a divine union, this is co-creation energy in motion!!!

This energy is what either creates or destroys relationships! 

  • Where in your world are you currently co-creating or destroying in your relationship reality?
  • How is this effecting your life?
  • Separately and together?
  • Are you ready to start to take back your power to design and creating the life you truly want… together!?


 ~ Session 1 – Create Your Love Map ~

3hrs – $560

Session 1 is where we gain clarity then design, create and map out your unique 3 session plan moving forward.
As no two humans are alike, no couple is alike. Each partnership will have their own unique intentions, desires, requirements and needs that we will take into account moving forward…

I invite you to TRY this as an introductory session to see if working with me and in this way is for you?
There is no obligation to continue from here, though most do…

This session alone is deeply healing and empowering as it offers you both the clarity, vision and insight to know what you each desire, clears underlying emotional blocks and gets you both on the same page… mind, body and spirit.

Just FEEL and experience the difference…

This session is totally focussed on clarity, vision and the cleaning up and removing any old holding, stagnant energy, uncleared emotions or energetic ‘blocks’ both as individuals and then between one another.

In this session we set up a solid foundation to gain clarity, reunite your vision, purpose and intention moving forward both as individuals and as a couple.
In this way allowing for more space so that you can SEE, hear, know and FEEL one another.

You will learn one another’s unique ‘Love Languages’

Unconditional loving energy can then flow more easily throughout you, your body, between one another and channelled together as you remember, realign and re-empower yourselves and each other in every facet of your lives together.

This is an essential aspect of all the work we undertake as it lays a beautiful platform for everyone to feel safe and held (no ‘funky vibes’) as you choose to step forwards moving in the same direction, walking this path together with a clear MAP of where you are heading feeling connected, loving, inspired and aligned.


Then What? 

I have included some example session’s of what you might choose to explore both individually and together and listed them below.
This is how other beautiful couple’s have worked with me already and chosen to build their sessions based on their wants, desires and needs.

Ask yourself… Whats important to you?

Is it… Education? Do you simply want to learn more about the art and practice of Tantra to both give and receive pleasure in and out of the bedroom? Taking your relationship to the next level as you both come online together – He steps into his King energy – She steps into her Queen.

Is it… Emotional healing? Is this for one party or both of you?
Is one of you experiencing past trauma from an assault, relationship or otherwise and is it having a negative impact on your ability to relate together?

Is it… Sexual imbalance? Does one of you want more sex that the other? Is one of you overactive and the other shut down and under active in this way?

Feel into the following examples for what would be most appropriate for you and your beloved…

Example 1 ~ Theory & Attunement

(2hrs) $450

What is Tantra?

  • Energetic orgasm (NEO)
  • Breath, sound & movement to weave and expand energy
  • Conscious connection
  • Conscious communication
  • Transfiguration practice
  • Attunement

(Home play)

Example 2 
~ Catch up /Coaching Session – Planning and Intention ~

(90 mins) $400

  • Clarify the intentions, boundaries and desires as individuals and together moving forward
  • Trouble shooting
  • Review sacred practice techniques

Example 3 
~ Sacred Practice Techniques – the Art of Mutual Massage ~ 

The pleasure of Giving and Receiving for HIM and for HER – non-erotic

(2hrs) $600

  • Create sacred space
  • Exploring the primary, secondary and tertiary erogenous zones
  • Elemental touch – fire, earth, air and water
  • Energy in motion
  • Breath, sound & Movement

(Home play)

Example 4 ~ Awaken the Shiva – Full Body Worship for HIMErotic ~

(2hrs) $700

  • Ella guides the feminine in giving to her God man
  • Tantric body worship includes Lingam worship (the positive pole of the masculine)

Example 5 ~ Awaken the Goddess – Full Body Worship for HERErotic ~

(2hrs) $700

  • Ella guides the masculine in giving to his Goddess
  • Tantric body worship includes breast massage (the positive pole of the feminine) & Yoni Worship

Boundaries & Agreements to NOTE:

  • If at any stage during the 4 sessions a couple may choose not to be naked or practise erotic techniques that is totally welcome. This is your experience and all practises can be adapted to suit individual’s requirements, needs and comfort levels. In this way everything and anything practised becomes what is most appropriate and in alignment to the couple in question and their own unique intentions and desires.
  • Often in partnerships one partner may have greater or lesser restrictions or comfort factors than their spouse. Therefore as we journey ever respectfully we take every opportunity to address these as we work through them together safely and healthfully in an honouring, loving and positive way.
  • Often throughout the series a couple may choose to deepen the work as individuals by working with Ella one on one. Click the link to see all offerings for HIM and for HER.


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